For new smokers--How to choose E-cigarettes , and for heavy smokers how to find "Replaceable cigarettes"?

  • Friday, 28 June 2019
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How do newcomers choose e-cigarettes, and how should old smokers "Replaceable Cigarettes"?

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people are paying attention to health problems. Most smokers know the harm that smoking brings to the body, but they have been unable to control it. Looking for a healthy “Replaceable Cigarettes” product has become a hot topics for smokers.

In fact, in order to solve the problem of replacing tobacco, from 1963, American scientists began to study, but it ended in failure. In 2000, Chinese pharmacist Han Li created the first "alternative smoke" product, and named it as electronic cigarette. This invention was loved by the majority of smokers, and it also opened the real era of "Replaceable Cigarettes."

Is e-cigarette safe?

Honestly speaking, it is safest to smoke nothing, but for smokers, it is the best choice for smokers, because even if they tell them that smoking is harmful to the body, it is useless.

The main components of the electronic cigarette liquid are propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and spices. The smoke oil is atomized after being heated, and no harmful gas is generated, so second-hand smoke is not formed, and no smoke oil is produced, and the lungs are reduced. s damage.

What kind of electronic cigarettes do smokers choose?

1 smokers are most afraid of smoke and no fire, electronic cigarettes are most afraid of smoke and no electricity, so to ensure that the battery life is king, #MOXVAPER# launched a new product #MOX I9#, using 300mAh battery capacity, to ensure the endurance.

2 Preventing oil leakage is a recognized technical problem in the world. However, this time MOXVAPER adopts the latest oil leakage prevention technology to completely solve the oil leakage problem. 

3 Choose a suitable e-cigarette, not only need to look at the above two points, but also need to look at its brand, especially for novices, a good experience, determines the acceptance of a new product, MOXVAPER team in the electronic cigarette industry It has been 6 years, the company's aim is to take the user experience as the core, and to develop with innovative technology, which has been well received by users in these 6 years.

Whether you are new to e-cigarettes or old smokers for decades, if you want to choose a cigarette, choose MOXVAPER I believe that will not let you down.

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