What is the difference between smoke e-cigarette by suction or by lung suction?

  • Friday, 05 July 2019
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What is the difference between smoke e-cigarette by suction or by  lung suction?

E-cigarettes for newcomers  often don't understand What is the difference between smoke e-cigarette by suction or by ung suction ? In fact, this is the two

common inhalation methods for e-cigarettes. Different inhalation methods will bring different experiences for smokers. The way of mouth sucking is very similar

way when we smoke cigarettes everyday, and the lungs ways are closer to the way of inhalation when using hookah.

Mouth suction

The way of mouth suction is the same as our daily smoking. The user first smoke into the mouth, and inhales extra air into the lungs. Compared with the lung

suction method, The mouth suction stays for a long time, so when smoking by mouth, the user will have a more subtle taste experience of the smoking taste .

When smoking by mouth suction, such as Tobacco heating device IOH, the output power will generally be controlled below 15W. In order to match these

devices, users will also choose PG. High nicotine Smoke oil will create an inhalation experience similar to the real cigarette.

Lung suction

Together with the name “lung suction”, the inhalation method of lung suction is that the user inhales directly into the lungs, just like daily deep sucking. Intensive

smoke fills the lungs instantly, similar to the use of hookahs.

Lung suction will give users a more intense impact experience. At the same time, due to the instantaneous evaporation of a large amount of  oil, it is so crucial

for the cooling design of atomizer, and the overheating of the smoke does not bring any good experience to the user. Because of the greater amount of smoke,

it is so obvious of throat feeling. Most smokers who use lungs will turn to the lower nicotine device.

All in all, different equipment, atomizer, and output power also determine whether a device is suitable for mouth suction or lung suction; whether you want to

  1. experience the wonderful taste of smoke oil or chasing of smoking clouds, different ways of inhalation Will also bring you different results.

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