• It is a repurchase. The size is compact and continuous sucking is possible. It disappears faster, but you can still suck it by restarting. and IOH is excellent in continuous performance and heat resistance, but this one has better taste, so I use it properly.
  • The main reason I bought it was that I smoked about ten cigarettes. I felt most comfortable in four grades. But it should be noted that when heating is finished, the first two bites spit out, a little flush, and the latter is very comfortable.
  • Sure enough, it's the latest electronic cigarette. It's the closest to the taste of real cigarettes. I used smoke before. That one I think is more suitable for young people to show off their skills. It's totally tasteless. The other one tastes too bad, and the cost is too high. After buying this one, other electronic cigarettes can retire. It's absolutely good taste, because the real cigarettes are used, so it's even better. Truth! By the way, express delivery is as good as ever.
  • It's good to use, tastes good and has a good voice. It tastes comfortable. It's delicate and comfortable to smoke. Smoking electronic cigarettes is not harmful to second-hand smoke. It's healthier and more environmentally friendly. How to say that is not bad, smoking cessation addiction is still bigger than smoking addiction, electronic cigarette is a supplement, it is also important to quit smoking by their own perseverance.
  • Received goods for several days, is experiencing, at home for more than a day, the whole family did not find that I smoke electronic cigarettes, no smoke odor really good! Taste is also very suitable, the taste is very fragrant, I like this electronic cigarette, you can not smoke cigarettes, cost-effective, recommended to buy!
  • This price is still worth buying. Like real smoke, it has both the enjoyment of smoking and the condition of quitting smoking. When I bought it before, I had already searched a lot on the internet. I read a lot. There are many styles of Taobao electronic cigarettes, but I still saw the shape and things of this one at a glance. It's really good.
  • My younger brother strongly recommended that, my husband personally preferred the flavor of Flue-cured tobacco, which may be more suitable for his pack of cigarettes a day. He tried two flavors in the box. The flavor of tea was a little light, suitable for ladies or people who smoked lightly. I hope to quit smoking successfully. My younger brother has quit smoking successfully, and now it is incredible. I hope my husband can quit smoking just like him.
  • Honestly and I am just going to put it out there... I struggle with anxiety, depression, ptsd. I wanted to try this product to see if it would work for me before I had to go and see my doctor... so I purchased it.. it came in the mail and I was so excited to try it! Now don’t get me wrong the taste is great however, it did make me sick to my stomach and gave me headaches like you wouldn’t believe... also it intensified my anxiety now this product may work For others but it most definitely did not work for me and I threw this product in the trash immediately... I don’t recommend this product for anyone who struggles with what I struggle with. And that’s my HONEST opinion. Thanks.